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Onur Demirbasa

1040 Wien

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Kunstsparte(n): Tanz Theater


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  Tanz | 6-10 Jahre 10-14 Jahre ab 14 Jahre
Onur Demirbasa: Contemporary Dance
Contemporary dance classes and workshops are for beginners. We focus on our movement awareness, movements in space and contact with other bodies.

Über mich
I am a dancer and performer. I have some experiences about teaching modern/contemporary technics and I have works which were staged in festivals and biennals. I am currently living in Vienna and want to do some regularly contemporary dance classes and/or some intensive workshops about movement and body awareness. I have also worked with children in General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency as volunteer in Turkey.

Onur Demirbasa has been educated at Dans Buluşma İstanbul, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Association. The “Life Simulation” choreography attended the 10th METU International Contemporary Dance Festival. His choreography titled “Recon-heart-struction” was staged at the 11th METU International Contemporary Dance Festival, Young Choreographers Festival and at the French Culture Center. His offstage performance titled “Müzelik“ was staged at the Museum of Sculpture and Art. One of his other performances titled “Clockwork“ was staged also at the French Culture Center and ÇATI Contemporary Dance Association. He worked with a well known and respected german choreographer Tobias Winter for the “Wordcascades” composition which was supported by Nodancerscompany and also took place at the 5th Galata Visibility Project. He worked on spacial perception with another respected and well known artist such as Gaby Agis from Britain.

Onur was a part of the 2010 Çanakkale Project where he staged his solo performance at the Armenian Church. Following that year he staged his opening ceremony performance titled “Purification” at the 2nd International Çanakkale Art Biennial.
He has attended also to a workshop about interactive video and dance performance which is directed by Neven Korda and Borut Savski from SCCA and had a interactive video-dance performance called "Dark Matter" at K2 Contemporary Art Center. He was instructor for 3 three years in an important culture center which called TOBAV in Izmir. He is currently living in Vienna and continue to dance at Tanzquertier.

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