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Leonard Sheil
Lighthouses - Signals from the past or Places to explore new ideas

Fastnet Lighthouse from base
©Leonard Sheil
Kunstsparte(n): Bildende Kunst Design
Altersstufen: ab 14 Jahre
Arbeitssprache(n): Englisch

Leonard Sheil Irish artist,living and working in Austria.
The project would be conducted through english language.
No special equipment,but using what is available in any particular school.

Lighthouses - Signals from the past or Places to explore new ideas.

Since early times,Lighthouses have represented one of humankind’s foremost gesture
of benevolence. Warning seagoers of eminent danger or hazard,the first fires that were
set on coastal headlands,developed into the modern,and highly sophisticated
mechanisms that dot coastal territories all over the world.

However,these extraordinary buildings,sometimes located on unimaginably difficult
and dangerous places,have become almost redundant in the modern world.
Maintained as outposts by former fulltime lightkeepers,they sustain some important information,and still function as a cautionary measure of possible occurance.

Today’s complex navigational equipment aboard most commercial shipping and pleasure craft, make the need for lighthouses almost obsolete.

The lighthouse is now on the peripheral not just in the technical sense.
They are now fully automated. Have they become a surplus to a previous functional life?

What would students of a country unfamiliar with lighthouses in general make of it?
What kind of a project could this generate?
Imagine the idea of isolation on a rock in the middle of the ocean,but still connected
to a world via technology

Besondere Hinweise
Imagine the environment - a rock the size of a city block and devoid of supermarkets, libraries,fast food, regular postal delivery, dentists, doctors, and teachers.
Lighthouse dwellers in the past had fierce independence, a unique entrepreneurial
knack for innovation and resourcefulness.

Lightkeepers had to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ - a mechanic, electrician, plumber, cook, teacher. They collected scientific data, observed tidal changes,wildlife patterns, and recorded unusual natural phenomena.

The Project
A film about a lighthouse and a recently published interactive ibook for ipad,about the famous Fastnet lighthouse would introduce the project to students .
This would be the basis to begin the exploration of ideas.
An large outline drawing of a lighthouse would be the foundation for students to use to
re-design a new function for a lighthouse.
Re-invent its interiors,think about new ways to use existing equipment,
examine techniques in the original building process.

The students would be encouraged to think in any dimension,to make the
ideas realistic proposals.

In Ireland I organised a similar project as an artist-in-school residence.
It was based on a Lighthouse situated in Dublin bay,but with a different concept.

links to introductory material:
ibook for ipad:

Leonard Sheil
2540  Bad Vöslau
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