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drawing of lighthouse
©Leonard Sheil
Kunstsparte(n): Bildende Kunst Design Film+Video Digitale Medien

Fastnet Lighthouse from base
©Leonard Sheil
  Bildende Kunst | ab 14 Jahre
Leonard Sheil: Lighthouses - Signals from the past or Places to explore new ideas
Leonard Sheil Irish artist,living and working in Austria. The project would be conducted through english language. No special equipment,but using what is available in any particular ...

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  Design | ab 14 Jahre
Leonard Sheil: 1.The Raft Project Hollenstein 2019
ENGLISH Drawing Studies made of a Pine Cone by students (ages 14-16years) from Fachschule Unterleiten Hollenstein were the initial stages of the Raft Project. It endeavoured to harness a new ...

©Copyright liegt bei dem/der Kulturschaffenden
  Bildende Kunst | 10-14 Jahre ab 14 Jahre
Leonard Sheil: Kurse und Workshop GRG7 Wien 2018
Illustration, Grafik, Arbeiten mit verschiedensten Maltechniken, freies Zeichnen, sowie Erstellung und Bearbeitung von Kurzfilmen, gehört zum künstlerischen Schaffensbereich Leonard Sheils. Die ...

Über mich
KISH Dublin Bay Ireland
Lighthouses - Signals from the past or Places to explore new ideas

The KISH Lighthouse situated in the middle of Dublin Bay in Ireland.
Built on a sandbank,it is surrounded by sea,wind,tides,and all weathers.
It will be the subject for the basis of this project.
Project objective- to come up with an alternative function for a building like this,
without disregarding its primary function- that of safety and warning to mariners.

Sequence of the project
1. Introduce the project by showing a 20 minute video about the KISH lighthouse.
2. The story of its construction in the early 60’s, its life and the people who
worked on it. How is it now used in modern times?
3.Show working drawings of the design-interior and exterior. Sea charts of the area
with ship wreckage and of survey underwater mapping.
Photographs of the building in more detail.
4. Research references and links to lighthouses for the students to study.
5.The project will be divided in 5 research fields.
Students can then make a choice as to what aspect they prefer to research and work from.
This corresponds to the stages on which the project is based:
(a) Historical-literary, (b) Artistic, (c) Scientific-Technological,
(d) Social and Civic values, (e) Digital.
6. All work by students finally presented in A3 format,in the medium of their choice.
(drawing,illustration,photography,models,3d software program)

+ Alle Informationen auf der Homepage (inkl. Film-Intro)

Brief synopsis of graphic design career in Ireland 1985-2000
1985-90 Irish advertising in Dublin,including Key Communications with Korr Klassen, Irish International, Mc Intyre and Associates,The Graphiconies .
Client list included,Guinness,Brown Thomas,Carl Scarpa,Bus Eireann,
Gaiety Theatre,Abbey Theatre and a number of publications,which included 'In Dublin',Hot Press,
Evening Herald,and book publishers; Blackstaff Press, O'Brien Press, Poolbeg Press,Brandon books,
Gill and MacMillan.

1985 London- worked the the National Theatre Southbank and an assistant
set painter,as well as a some freelance illustration work,including animation.

1990 set up Gull Graphics and worked primarily in the area of
architectural illustration and presentation.
Worked with Folen’s - Ireland's largest educational publishers
School books included the subjects of geography,physics and science,poetry and english prose.

1998-2000 ITE-International Technology Exchange a company dealing
in the area of product development.The work was technical illustration,-precise line drawing
combined with computer graphics.
2004- 2008 started to work in the area of film, directing and producing two short films.
KISH and Hermitage.
2012- 2013 produced in association with Soliddesign- two interactive ibooks for ipad
(Skellig Michael and Fastnet),which now can be seen on any Apple device.

Referenzprojekte auf der Homepage.

THIS PROJECT Imagine the environment - a rock the size of a city block and devoid of supermarkets, libraries,fast food, regular postal delivery, dentists, doctors, and teachers. Lighthouse dwellers in the past had fierce independence, a unique entrepreneurial knack for innovation and resourcefulness.

Reference links to previous work by Leonard Sheil
ibook for ipad:

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